Terms and Conditions

For all services; Cancellation fees will apply;


We accept payment via Debit/Credit cards, PayPal, BACS transfer, cheque or cash.



Candy cart & Cheese cart;

Love Letters

Once the letters have been set up in your place of choice, we recommend that you do not try to move these yourself.

Flutterby Occasions will not be held responsible for any injuries caused by moving the letters or misuse . A £50 deposit is required to protect the LOVE letters from any breakages.

If any damage is caused to the letters you must notify us immediately on 07595479028. Failure to notify us of the damage cause can result in the deposit being retained.


Wedding Post Box

A deposit of £10 is required when hiring the post box. This will cover the loss of any keys or damage to the post box.

We recommend that you don't move the post box once it has been set up.

Flutterby Occasions do not take any responsibility for any injuries caused my moving the post box.


Snow machine & dry ice machine;

Only a trained employee from Flutterby Occasions will operate these machines. They will advise anyone accordingly with regards to health and safety while the machine is in use. Should anyone ignore this advice, which then results in an injury to themselves or another person. Flutterby Occasions can not be held responsible.

The snow machine must be used in an elevated position by a trained Flutterby Occasions employee only. The machine sounds like a large fan when in operation. People with respiratory and allergic conditions should avoid direct exposure. Children should be supervised while the machine is in use.

The liquid should not stain fabric once it has been turned into snow flakes. In the unlikely event that this happens, Flutterby Occasions can not be held responsible. It is advised NOT to eat the snow flakes. If this happens by accident, to drink plenty of water and seek medical attention if there is an onset of illness.