Dry Ice Machine

Prices start at £160.


Flutterby Occasions are proud to introduce Dry Ice Machine.

Are you looking for that romantic touch to your first dance together? Then look no further. With our dry ice machine, you can dance together among the clouds. The dry ice will begin when you both walk out on to the dance floor as a newly married couple and will continue throughout your first dance. Creating the perfect setting to begin your life together.

How does dry ice work?

Dry Ice is pure solid carbon dioxide. Dry ice does not melt or become liquid, instead when it breaks down using very hot water it turns into a gas. This process is known as sublimation. Carbon dioxide is heavier than air, which means when it is broken down into a gas it remains low to the ground and does not rise, giving the impression of fog.

How safe is it to use dry ice?

Dry Ice sublimates at -109.3 degrees fahrenheit, which means it is dangerous to touch with bare hands or comes in contact with skin. For this reason we only allow our trained experts to operate the dry ice machine. When the gas is omitted from the machine, it remains low to the ground in a fog like state. This should not activate any fire alarm systems or sprinklers at your venue. However it is recommended that the venue are aware the the dry ice machine will be used as a precaution. The gas the dry ice creates is not toxic when used in these quantities. It does not have any odour and does not leave any moisture residue on the dance floor.

What colour will the dry ice be?

When the dry ice mixes with water it creates a thick white fog.

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